Friday, December 23, 2005

Is Kurt Vonnegut right?

Your guess is as good as mine



Anonymous said...

Kurt is absolutely right. Today's guessers dont want to see the facts and the ignorant masses go along.

nrlaumei said...

I love that man.

Froyd said...

vonnegut is a bit of an ass sometimes, as is obvious here in this diatribe of surface level idiotic assumptions that have no support in reality.

best go back to slafthoufen funf, jackass.

Froyd said...

that 'jackass' comment was obviously pointed toward vonnegut, not you Jose.

Joshua said...

Sort of a hole in his premise: guessing. The idea that Aristotle and Hitler were "guessers" sort of deflates everything else he says.

Still, he is resposible for the very famous "Cider House RULES!" comment on SNL, so he gets a pass, this time.

Jose said...

I like Kurt, I think he means well and I believe he's honest when he writes.

I don't agree with what he's saying in that essay, yet he makes you think and that makes me like him.

I felt compelled to look into all these claims he made, however I am already pressed for time as it is.

This essay left me with a "stone in my shoe" I can't help to think about that whenever the word "Washington" comes up.

anyway, thanks for sharing your comments.
also, Carola, the first time I heard about Kurt was through you, thank you for lending me that copy of Slaughter House V back in 1999, one day I may even return it!

I love you!
(she's my lil' sister)