Monday, April 17, 2006


Tomorrow: Take Anthony to the doctor, he has had this cough for like 4 weeks, the Dr. says is nothing but it hasn't gone away, later on, study for my lab test, finish the Presentations and study statistics

Wedsnday: Go to Class and Study statistics.

Thursday: Senior Project, make a presentation of our proposed project, describe our design methodology and crap like that, Electronics lab test,

Friday: Stochastic Models Final, Computer Architecture Final.

The Stochastic Models (Statistic and Probability) Final covers Chapter 5, 6, 7 and 8.
I have started to read Ch 5, have not really done too many exercises, Ok, I have not done any exercises, I am now cramming, I am trying to read the whole book and do all the homeworks within the next 72 hours.

Computer Architecture is a different story, Statistics is like brocolli, Comp Arch is like Vanilla Ice Scream, but studying for the final is like eating a whole 5 gallon jug of it. I'll be ok.

The presentations are not hard, but they take so much time to put together, that's how I spent my weekend, meeting with my team to discuss what the hell are we going to make up, I mean, present to the class. It is not easy to BS the teachers, not in this class (Senior Design) The want sketeches, Schematics, Charts, Circuit layout, flowcharts and what not. These things take time, so unimportant things like shaving or changing my clothes are left for a later time.

Ok I was joking in the last part.

Well, Back to 5.4.1 The Distribution of the Sample Mean and 5.4.2 The Central Limit Theorem, so much fun.

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Loralee Choate said...

You realize they wouldn't even let me stand in LINE to registar for those classes, right!!!!