Thursday, April 20, 2006

Today we give our first presentation in ED1 (Senior Project), we are still not sure how we are implementing our design, I think we are better off hacking a Pocket PC than trying to build everything from the ground up, there is no way we can do Signal Processing by hand in Assembly languange, that's just nuts. But we don't know, that may be precisly what we'll end up doing.

After a presentation, Electronics Lab Test and then more cramming for the two finals tomorrow, as a reward for working hard this week, I get to go on my monthly training with the Reserves Friday night, skip all that resting crap, we are going to the field to do some training. Yeah! Taking a break is for sissies.

Come back Sunday night, Give another project presentation for a different class on Monday, and get ready write the final proposal for the Senior Project and study for the Lab Final.

After that, the semester is pretty much done. I will take a real break after this. I want to take a couple of days off when I will get out of bed only when absolutly necessary. I want the toughest challenge to be deciding what book to read next. Contrary to what Martha thinks, I don't want to see a computer for those couple of days. I can do without it. Thank you very much. Computers are my career but they are NOT my life. I can't wait to have a day when I can honestly say I don't have a freaking thing to do.

Well, I am done whining, and ranting. Sorry if you read this and didn't really care to know all this. I will write what I think are my ways of dealing whith all of this.

Rule number one:

One thing at a time.

Things are easier to deal with when you concentrate with the task at hand and forget the other things that are going on around you, like this blog post, I am only doing this as a way to get unwinded for the day. After this is done I am going to do another task and forget the rest.

Number two:

Be Organized and plan ahead

I can't say that I am good at following my own advice, but If I didn't keep a planner I would forget about things. I try to be as organized as I can, but I admit that I could be doing a better job at that. Especially this semester.

Number three:

Think postive

I know this sounds like some BS self-help tip, but I visualize myself completing the goal whether it's a test or something, if I can picture in my head how good it will go, it usually happens.

Number four:

Get started, NOW!

I suffer from chronic procrastination, but I make myself do these things,
what works for me is reminding myself that I was the one that decided to get a degree, so I am studying because I want to, because it is something that I desire, if I think of it as something that I have to do, my natural reaction is to rebel against it. But if I embrace it as something that I want to prove myself with, then it is more like a challenge. That's my way of self motivation.

Allright, I have burnt enough time. Time to do some work.

Take care everyone.


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