Monday, April 17, 2006

Senior Project

Since the first draft of our proposal got accepted, it is safe to make the announcement, the Senior Project is the culmination of Engineering curriculum, the ultimate project, where you take everything you've learned over the past 4 years and apply it to design, develop and build your own creation.

Majid, Chriss, Jaime and I are going to make the most advanced child car seat up to date. This car seat will be able to detect whether the child is unattended inside a vehicle, this will prevent about 9000 injuries per year. If you leave a child unattended in this thing, it will send a text message to your cell phone reminding you that there's a baby, if nothing happens in the next five minutes, it will call the cops. Or something like that.

Not only that, but this child car seat will come equiped with a wireless LCD screen that will show you a live image of the baby while the car is in motion, that way you don't have to turn around while you are driving to check up on the baby.

This product has the full endorsement of Martha, her exact words were "Hurry up and build this thing, I want one NOW". With encouraging words like that, our team can't fail.

Our team is going to spend a lot of man-hours making this concept a reality. That's what engineering is supposed to be about. Good times ahead. This thing has to be done by August.


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