Friday, May 11, 2007

My Reaction to Nietzsche.

I have finished reading the Portable Nietzsche. I can’t say I understand everything that he wrote, I didn’t even agree to most of it. However, it made me think, it made me understand that I don’t know Jack. I loved him and detested it at the same time. I loved how it would suddenly make me stop reading, and make me think about it. I loved his attitude towards life, reason, inquiry, reality, truth. I loved how he wrote with passion,
He commands us to deny our soft side, to become hard.

I can not say that I am very smart, I cannot say that I am a deep thinker or that I have come up with observations no one else has had before. I just appreciate seeing things from a new perspective, and that’s what I liked about his works.

That’s what I loved about it.

I detested having to guess at what he meant most of the time. Zarathustra did not read very well, I kept reading the words out loud, but somehow, it sort of made sense, but I am not able to say exactly what I got from it, I think it deserves another read or two.

He was a crazy man, and I am thankful that he had pen and paper to go with that madness.


It was funny that the he titled the chapters in his last book "Ecce Homo"
-Why I Am So Wise
-Why I Am So Clever
-Why I Write Such Good Books
-Why I Am a Destiny

Ha! such modesty.

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Loralee Choate said...

You never fail to impress me, Jose.
I dig that you just go out and try new things and look at different perspectives when lots of people just open a beer and sit watching "The game" all night.

You rock.