Thursday, May 10, 2007

We are having a baby today

We are inside the hospital room right now. I can't believe there's a Wireless connection. If I had brought the usb connector, I could be uploading pictures live.

Anyway, we are doing good. She's getting induced today, which was not how we thought it would happen. But so far everything is fine.

That's so cool. Gabriela comes to the world today.

*****UPDATE #1 9:35 AM EST

Contraptions every 2 minutes. On a scale from one to ten, she says she's feeling a three. The room is not a big as the one we had in Minnesota, but, I have a nice couch to sit on. Hell, I am even tempted to log in to work... but I won't, I took the day off, dammit! I am not a workaholic, I swear.

Martha is comfortable and watching T.V. I am reading a book next to her. I feel relaxed and happy. Everything looks good.

*****UPDATE #2 11:25 EST

Is it wrong that while my wife is going through labor I am blissfully surfing the net? she does not seem to mind, she's watching ER on TV while the nurses seem to be the only ones that care about the fact a baby is coming pretty soon. But the peace and quiet will not last forever. My Mother-In-Law (God bless her) is coming over soon. I love her and everything. But this place will be anything but quiet after she's here, two's company, three is a crowd. But that's cool. That probably means I won't post much after she gets here.

I have no idea how long this will take, when Anthony was born, Martha was in the hospital at 9:00 AM and he was born at 7:00 PM, Gaby seems to be taking her sweet time, I can't say I blame her. Knowing what awaits her in this world.



Loralee Choate said...

Oh, man! The excitement!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!!! So exciting :) I've been wondering when we'd hear an update -- I hope all is still going well. Congratulations to you and Martha and Anthony and Gabriela :)