Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sleeping in the Dorms

Ha! I am staying at the Dorms in a Seminary! How cool is that?

It doesn't feel like I'm in Philly. I am in the middle of Christian-Land. I am getting royal treatment though, everybody is so nice. It's amazing.

Joe is a friend I know from the Marines, he had a bachelor's degree when he went in. He has now completed his Masters of Divinity,he plans on getting ordained somewhere, so he's going to be Rev. Joe.

After all these years we have managed to keep in touch.I think is great to be here.

I feel a bit weird given my non-religious views, but, so far everyone's been nice to me. I just hope that nobody starts a discussion about politics or religion and I should be fine.

There are times when is better to keep one's mouth shut.


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