Friday, January 20, 2006

Drink Good Coffee

Even though I come from a family of coffee additcs conoussiers, I was not introduced to the Java goodness until late 2003 while doing all-nighters on top of a building equiped with a radio, a team of four guys, a sniper rifle, an a thermo full of concentrated coffee. I experimented with it when I went back to school, but I was doing it wrong, I was drinking coffee at night to help me stay up the way I did back in the war, the problem is that after a certain time (usually 11:30pm) my brain refused to retain new information, therefore studyin was impossible.
I was disapointed, then I re-discovered an old wedding gift, the expresso machine, learned how to use it, and now there's no looking back. The secret is to make a good cup first thing in the morning, then ride the Java train all day, repeat as necessary, do not drink after 5:00pm.

It turns out, I am still doing it wrong, after reading this article, I see that I have been missing out all along, I can say that Moertel is right about freshly grounded coffee, since that's how they do it at my parent's or at least that's how they used to do it. Back in South America that's THE way to make coffee. Gotta remember that before they discovered black gold oil, Venezula exported coffee and cocoa beans, so they should know a bit about coffee.

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Michael said...

I am a coffee connoseur myself.

I own a french press, and a grinder, and the combo is by far the greatest cup of coffee I've ever had.

My problem is beans according to that article. I need to order unroasted coffee beans and roast them myself?

Maybe after I graduate college and start making some real money, until then... bags of half stale whole beans will have to do.