Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok, I am back

After a long absence I am trying to get back to normal life. School started yesterday and wow, was that a rude awekening. I am working and studying full time, and with the baby it is not easy. But Blogging has been such an awesome experience I am not going to give it up. I think that my posts will get a lot better since I will only have time to write what I really feel in my heart that it's important. So don't give up! if you are one those few that read this blog, I am not giving up my little voice in the web, especially since more and more of my friends and family are reading it. You know who you are, Thank you. Especially my familia in Venezuela. Los Quiero y Aprecio Mucho.

Well, just to give an idea about how busy I am, besides a full time job (40 hours a week) a lovely wife and beautiful baby my schedule looks like this:


This looks like is going to be my favorite class, it relates directly with my job, it would have come in handy if I took it before I started working. But it's ok. The teacher seems like a cool guy.


This is just a fancy name for good ol' Statistics and Probability. The teacher seems firm but fair. The class is only like 6 people. This is the last Math Course I have to take in my undergraduate degree. But according to the teacher, this is one of the most "troublesome" courses. gulp.


Ok, So I never liked chemistry when I was in high school, so I waited until my last year in college to take it, this is it, can't really procrastinate any more. This is a freshman course, it's in auditorium with 400 freshmen, 368 of which are girls in skimpy outfits who want to be Doctors or Nurses 70% of which will switch to International Business or Education after they fail this course. It sucks because the teacher does not really have much time to talk to you since he is tired of listening to the same stories time after time. This will be fun. I already had a bad start since I was 30 minutes late to the first lecture. All homework is done online, and all test are taken at the same time. Lovely.


Designed to deprive seniors of all sleep and sanity this class aims to bond engineers from all fields together by working on a project that harmoniously includes all the engineering disciplines. It just never works that way. But students come out a lot wiser from this course. After two semesters working on the project the proud graduates are left with an invaluable lesson: "Should have picked a Finance Major"


Being only one credit, this class packs more punch than Mike Tyson, applied labs on circuitry and all that good geeky stuff. We'll see how that goes.


This is the lab for Chemistry, three freaking hours doing I don't know what.


Once a Month I have a Workshop to teach you how to dress for an interview, how to apply for Graduate school, work in teams, etc. It is pretty good. It's really an scholarship, but the condition is that you must take this class, which benefits you anyway, so it's a win-win. Not a bad deal. I get one credit for this.

Also, I get a credit hour for doing an internship, this is my third semester doing that so that takes care of an elective class. Pretty neat heh?

Well, I better get going. I think the teacher is talking to me, something about a laptop.



Michael said...

Freshman Chemistry Lab = the professor saying don't boil the acid, while 8 people in the lab have their acid boiling away, as you inhale the fumes, burning your lungs, and them not believing you that you are not supposed to boil hydrochloric acid...

Froyd said...

hahaha!! welcome back to the life of school, Jose.

don't let it go to your head...or you'll want to continue once you get your undergrad degree. Look at Kamran, Jon, and I!


Jose said...

too late. I already have my sights set on a Graduate Degree.

The question is where, at this point I am thinking U of F but I don't know if I can get in or not, they are kind of stuck up in Gainesville.

The school I really want to go to though is MIT, but you have to be get 1600 in the GRE, a 4.0, and a letter of recommendation from Eistein, Newton AND Chuck Norris to get in.