Tuesday, January 03, 2006

To stay or not to stay? Many South Floridians choose not to stay

Besides reading about it in this article, I have noticed that people are changing their mind about Florida. I know some people that are moving out of here. Heck, chances are I might move to a different state after graduation. And who can blame us? S. Fl is too expensive, too crowded and local jobs don't pay that well. Yet, this saddens me. I have grown attached to this piece of land. This is home. I love South Florida. There are so many nice things to say about it. Too bad I am not even a halfway decent writer, otherwise I'd be able to fully describe the vibrant mix that Ft. Lauderdale is. How can I put Las Olas Beach in words? How can I describe the view from the A1A between Oakland Pk and Sunrise Blvd? Or, Breakfast at the pier in Deerfield Beach? No Bookstore in the world matches the Borders in Sunrise next to the Galleria Mall, No Mall like Sawgrass Mills (sorry Mall of America, you are only bigger thanks to Camp Snoopy, this one has more stores) nothing can replace an evening at the Oasis, or Riverfront Park. How can anyone give this up? Not to mention the Florida Panthers, Miami Dolphins, Miami Heat, Florida Marlins, University of Miami. The Ft. Lauderdale Art Museum. I wish I was good enough to write about this places that will forever hold so many fond memories. Even after all its drawbacks, I love this place. This is my home.

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