Friday, February 10, 2006

Best FAU Professors

I did an unofficial survey, but I don't have the results yet, however I have been in FAU since 2001, and I keep hearing the same names over and over, the top 2 Engineering professors are:

Dr Alhalabi

They say he can teach. That he is really good professor. I can tell because his classes fill up quickly, I tried to take Logic Design with him back in '02 but had a schedule conflict, then I tried the same thing with Microporcessors and had no luck. But everyone that has taken his class says he is the best.

Dr. Raviv

This Professor I know is an excellent Teacher, When I was a Bank Teller at the FAU branch he used to chat with me, very friendly fellow, of course he did not have a clue that I was an engineering student, why would anyone studying Engineering work at a bank?
Dr. Raviv is famous for his Problem-Solving course, which I have not taken.

So these are my predictions, but I won't know until my results come back

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