Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Valentine's Day

This morning I found a HUGE balloon inside my car, with a card and everything, which was very sweet of her, but later when I was in the highway the darn balloon suddenly started singing and I nearly crashed the car in my surprise, I did not see that one coming. How pathetic would it be to get killed by a Valentine's Day Balloon?


This morning South Florida woke up covered in some weird water-like substance that Meteorologist are referring to as "ice", as in what they put in soft drinks. People would be on the streets panicking if it weren't for Channel 7 News who in their professionalism are keeping the public informed on the ongoing event "FREEZE WATCH" they are treating this with the same level of urgency as if all the 2004 Hurricanes were aproaching us at the same time.
I am enjoying it. This freezing stuff does not happen often down here. I decided to conform and came to school wearing a scarf. Hey! it is cold in here after all.

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wanderer said...

Getting killed by a Valentine's Day balloon after surviving two tours in Iraq would be really funny. Not that I would laugh. I'd cry. I swear.