Wednesday, February 15, 2006

FAU and Drugs


Yesterday a guy I know from a couple of classes came to school smelling like he was smoking um, "herbs"(The Colombian type). I totally lost all respect for him, but my attitude is bothering me.
I hate to be a self-rightious condecending SOB, but I couldn't help it. I hate the fact that I didn't confront the guy, instead I acted like I din't notice.
I should have said something to him. Either that or I shouldn't let that bother me so much, after all the past two presidents have admitted to using ilegal drugs. People in college experiment right? And who am I to judge people? Also it's no like he would listen to me anyway, right? RIGHT?


I think that for certain things one cannot be wishy-washy. It is impossible to ignore this problem. But what is the right way to deal with this? Can you wage a war on your own friends? What if this was a family member? What is causing this problem? Is it our culture? Is it parents not doing their job? Lack of Jesus in their hearts?

Don't want to THINK about this anymore, I must get to work.

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wanderer said...

It's just weed. Let him smoke. Although smoking before class probably isn't a good idea, it isn't immoral.