Sunday, February 12, 2006

ME? Procrastinate? No Way!

I have been a terrible procrastinator this week. I only worked 30 Hours. I did almost no Homework. I got some things done. But a few things happened that distracted me from my usual routine. That must have been it.

Griping and Whining about work

Also, I have found out that working from home is not so great. I love that my company is allowing me to this, because I honestly would not want to work anywhere else. But I really need to do work at an office, Working from home sucks, I do have a place in Delray Beach to work at but I must say that the temptation of going home is too great. But, starting this week, I will only work from there. I hate the fact that I cannot relax at home because everytime I see my laptop I think that I should be working. This is no good. I truly believe that a person must have a clear and distinct separtation from a "workplace" and a "home". And a set schedule. At least this is what seems to work for me. Having this flexibility is awesome but I end up abusing it. So, I have decided that starting right now, no more work from home, I will only work at the office, and study either at FAU or home. Preferably FAU, that means I won't be home that much, but at least I can completely relax when I am there. We'll see how that one flies with my wife. But the other thing, the house is full of too many distractions, her, my son, the cats, the TV, the internet, the fridge, at the office I only have the option to work. At school I can either do some work or blog.

I believe that it's time for some change.



wanderer said...

Man, I know how you feel. Except without the wife, kid, pets, national guard and work. But otherwise, exactly how you feel.

Jonathan said...

Yeah, me too. Oh, and I responded to that article you were reading. It sounds like a lot of conservative determinism to me.

Jose said...


There goes my plan to turn you into a right wing nut.

The liberals already have too many crazies, I just thought I'd steal one of them and send him to the other extreme...but I see that it's going to take a lot more work.

Don't worry Jon, I am not giving up on you, embrace your dark side...don't fight it. I know it's in you. May the Bush be with you.